Turning Around EP

by The Drop

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As a run-up to their debut album The Drop have decided to release a 4 track EP which will be available as a free download, with an option to donate. All donations will go towards the cost of finishing the full record which the band have been funding themselves.

The release features 3 distinctive songs, plus one dub version, showing the range and versatility of their sound. The title track 'Turning Around' is the result of a collaboration between The Drop and long-standing roots reggae producer and promoter Satchi Dubworks. This up-beat tune is all about the vibez. Also on the E.P is The Drop’s own version of 'CCTV'; a track originally written by front man Dandelion and Hyperdub's well-established production quartette – LV. It was well received in it's original dub-step form when released by Hyperdub, and now The Drop have done something strangely new by taking the song backwards in style, with the same vocalist, to deliver a stomping roots cover. To top things off it comes with a Dub version from UK roots veteran Nick Manasseh. Lastly, the band demonstrate their truly fresh approach with 'Waiting For'; a song which blurs the lines between indie-rock and reggae. Altogether the EP challenges expectations and builds anticipation of what is still to come from The Drop.


released December 11, 2013



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The Drop London, UK

Born out of a mutual love of sound system culture, The Drop are a 9-piece band who've grown out of their small-town roots to speak to the trudging nation.

The Drop take a unique approach to Reggae. In 2009 the band formed and have since moved to quickly establish themselves as one of Britain's premiere reggae troubadours; marrying jump up grooves, down & dirty bass and clever lyricism.
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Track Name: Turning Around
Turning Around, they see it now,
Want to come down, what have they found,
Ear to the ground, they hear the sound,
Want to come down, they feel it now.

On to a winner, get the gold and silver,
Tip for the top our reputation afi builla,
Climbing up the billa, getting headliner,
Them turning around bound to happen in time,
Cause right now it's hot, all a what we got,
We been making the effort and it's coming right back,
We build we house on rock, it can't get knock,
Wave after wave it never get unstuck.

Going in for the killa, time to leave cover,
Rocking the boat until it turn right over,
Making a splash, it not no mad dash,
Long time now it a be heard in the clash,
Never time filler, make selector winner,
Without fail he buss it out it always deliver,
Flowing like a river, always getting bigger,
Caught in the current and it pull right under,
Hot like a fever, make your spine shiver,
Loosing control until the final hour,
Not too sweet or sour, just the right power,
Never too much them say 'always a pleasure',
Caught in a daze, yes them blaze,
The way we come it make them change their ways,
This one out a faze, always getting plays,
Just watch as the profile raise.

While some them chilla, we been working harder,
There's always a long way to go,
No standing stilla, or dead in the water,
One day we shall reap what we sow,
But for now we coming through, right on cue,
Bringing together all old and new,
It's not just a few, it's all of them too,
Them turning around when them hear what we do.
Track Name: CCTV
So give a smile to the camera you see,
You're on CCTV,
They can see you, they can see me,
So give a wave to the authority.

Ay big brother way up high,
With you're eye in the sky,
Looking around, looking around town,
Looking us up, looking us down,
Are we just numbers to you,
Just ones and twos,
And when we fight you shine up your light,
And when we unite you come ready to fight.

Don't bother me,
Cause me nah stand it till you're wickedness done, and you run from town,
And until that day come,
I'm gonna fight you with my heart and soul,
No chink inna me armour,
Watch me strike and your body turn cold,
How can I be a warrior,
In this system that favours the weak.

Some man them chase and him run,
And then they shoot him with a gun,
But he was just walking round, walking around town.